Following a long career spanning 30 years in the computer industry and rising from a trainee programmer to Technical Services Director, my background is primarily technical, although I did spend 3 years in manufacturing.  In the latter years I set up 3 companies, the last of which was a software and training company which I grew from a start-up to one turning over £2.5m per annum with profit before tax of £750,000.  In that time I also wrote two books on databases published by Addison-Wesley that sold over 10,000 copies worldwide.


Since moving into Internet Marketing in 2004 I gained my formal training through some of the key Internet Marketers, including Armand Morin, Stephen Pierce and David Cavanagh.  I also undertook training courses from Brett McFall, Joel Comm, Kirt Chritensen and Dr Stan Harris. I have attended a variety of Internet Marketing workshops and seminars both in my home country, the UK, and overseas, in the USA, Singapore and Thailand. I have an SEO certification and have undertaken speaker training courses with Dr Joanna Martin.

I have been a stage speaker at Internet Marketing seminars in the USA, UK and Thailand.

Since 2005 I have worked with David Cavanagh running his support desk and looking after and mentoring his students in the UK and Europe.  I have held many workshops for his UK students and run many webinars for his worldwide base of students new to the Internet.

Whilst I have a broad range of experience in all facets of Internet Marketing, my main focus with Internet Marketing these days, is helping offline businesses get greater exposure on the Internet, thus increasing their leads, their bottom line profits and enabling them to work on their business rather than in it, allowing them more time to spend with their family or outside interests.

Since specialising in Will Writing, Lasting Power of Attorney, Trusts and associated activities my main focus in on helping people secure their assets and minimise taxation as an Estate Planner.



For your website to succeed and generate real and sustainable revenue for your business, there are four main factors it needs, these being :
  • Ranking
  • Traffic
  • Leads
  • Customers

What separates you from your competitors on the Internet is distribution.  It’s about getting your message out so the search engines find and rank you quickly.


The secret of online distribution is about sending your content to as many of the following sites as possible

  • Video Networks
  • Social Media
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Social Networking
  • Podcast
  • Podcasting Directories
  • Product Directories
  • Article Directories

Done properly, you’ll dominate listings when people search on your keyword phrases for your products and services.

As a member of our team at City & Country Financial Services I look after the key aspects of ensuring people hold on to their hard earned assets and make sure they pay no more tax than necessary by my roles in the following areas

  • Single & Joint Wills
  • Funeral Plans
  • Inheritance Tax Planning
  • Estate Administration & Probate
  • Lasting Powers of Attorney

To find out more about these services visit my two main websites
Lasting Powers of Attorney


Address : 154 - 160 Fleet Street,  London EC4A 2DQ

Telephone : 020 3137 0500

Fax : 020 7160 9397